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Common Issues

Anxiety symptoms
Depression symptoms
PTSD symptoms
  • Anxiety: a natural response to stress/danger that can often become larger than the stresses themselves and/or persist even when those stresses have passed.

  • Depression/low mood: the “common cold” of mental health issues.

  • Trauma/PTSD: Psychological distress from experiencing or witnessing a disturbing event or events resulting in persistent emotional and behavioral effects. 

  • Grief/loss: the sometimes complex feelings of losing someone or something close to us.

  • Addiction: dependency on mood-altering substances, food, sex, gambling, spending or even loving a person to the point where it is difficult to stop and can be hard to focus on anything else.

  • Sexual issues: mental or emotional issues connected with sex and sexuality are extremely common.

  • Confidence: common causes of low self-confidence and esteem can be unresolved childhood issues, harmful relationships, and/or negative thinking patterns.

Grief symptoms
Self-esteem words
Codependent relationship
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